I value each person’s unique background, experiences, and temperament, while also considering cognitive and biological factors.  I approach psychotherapy collaboratively, making use of an integrated approach that considers the individual as a whole, while tailoring treatment to meet specific concerns and needs.

Whether struggling with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, relationship, school or work issues, or any other concerns, we will work together to better understand underlying problems and their impact on your life functioning and relationships.  We will work towards fully realizing your strengths and potentials, and supporting changes in behaviors, emotions, and thoughts to help you function in different, healthier way.

I offer problem-focused, short-term, and long-term individual psychotherapy, as well as parenting support for a broad range of concerns. I work with adolescents, young adults, adults, and parents, with particular expertise in the following:

  • ADD/ADHD/Attentional Vulnerabilities
  • College Adjustment/School Transitions
  • Eating Disorders/Eating issues
  • Educational Concerns
  • Executive Functioning/Organizational Issues
  • Giftedness/Dual Exceptionality
  • Interpersonal/Relationship Issues
  • Lack of Academic Challenge/Underachievement
  • Learning Disabilities/Difficulties
  • Parenting Concerns
  • Performance Anxiety
  • School or Work Difficulties

​​For more information about my psychotherapy services or to make an appointment, please contact me.